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Narendra Modi and Tribute to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing Netaji cap
    Today BJP is trying to promote Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as the first Prime Minister of India (for founding Azad Hind Sarkar on 21st Oct 1943). This is not an attempt to give respect and tribute to Netaji but it is One more attempt to demean Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his contribution to India. This post is for all the those who don't know the connection of RSS and Azad Hind Sena with Congress.
      After serving Vidarbha Congress for several years when K.B.Hedgewar decided to establish RSS for promoting Hindu Nationalism, he made sure that it will never adopt the concept of Hindutva which was conceptualized by Hindu Mahasabha under V.D.Savarkar (Hedgewar wanted to show that RSS is a socio-cultural and apolitical organization). Before the assassination of Gandhiji, both Congress and Hindu Mahasabha wanted to acquire RSS as it was growing very faster amongst Brahmins who were the only Literate population and had the backing of small and big entrepreneurs of higher castes. But after the assassination of Gandhiji by Hindu Rashtra Dal founder Nathuram Godse, RSS was banned up to October 1949 (as Gopal Godse Brother of Nathuram mentioned that Nathuram never left RSS) till Vallabh Bhai Patel lifted the ban. Golwalkar Guruji was the key person who met Raja Hari Singh of Kashmir to convince him to merge his Sansthan with Independent India. Being Home Minister Patel returned his favour by lifting the ban on RSS on one condition that RSS will form Written Bylaws and promise that it will respect the Constitution of India.
      Taking the inspiration from Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Hedgewar tried to put forth a resolution of complete Independence in Nagpur Congress Session well before Gandhiji demanded it (only after Hanging of Bhagat Singh by British). That is the reason why Subhash Chandra Bose who was also an ex-Congressman like Hedgewar developed a great mutual respect for each other. Till the death of Hedgewar in 1940 Bose was in touch with Hedgewar and after his death, he supported his successor of RSS, SarSanchalak Guruji M.S. Golwalkar. When the Gumnami Baba died in 1978 they found a letter of M.S. Golwalkar in Baba's belonging which established that Gumnami Baba of Faijapur was either Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose himself or one of his imposter created by Bose himself (when he was alive) to protect him from the conspiracies against him.
   Moral of the story is whether it's RSS or Azad Hind Sena whose 75th foundation day is being celebrated by BJP today, both were Established by Ex-Congressmen.I request BJP supporters If you really want to compare with Congress start comparing from 1980 (establishment of Bhartiya Janta Party). Generations after the 1980s neither have eligibility nor stature to criticize work of people who were directly involved in freedom fight and building modern India after its independence. RSS have great contribution in uniting the Hindus but they never participated in Freedom Fight. So please stop misguiding people who respect our freedom fighters including Nehru.

      BJP will never tell you that RSS wasn't anti-british. It will never tell you that Hindutva was never included in its Vision. It will never tell you that Founder of RSS was ex-Congressman who was great supporter of Gandhiji for most of his life. K.B.Hedgewar established RSS to promote Nationalism, oppose socialism, oppose communism. He was funded by Capitalists (businessmen) who don't wanted India to become Communist or Socialist. Hindu Mahasabha was Extremist but RSS was moderate in its formative years. Hedgewar stayed away from freedom struggle and focussed on spreading RSS for Socio-cultural purpose. It was his Successor M.S.Golwalkar (Guruji) who included Hindutva of Hindu Mahasabha (Savarkar) in the bylaws of RSS after 1949. 
    M.S.Golwalkar was highly qualified yet confused individual who was unclear of his goals in life. He worked as Teacher, volunteered for RSS and then took Sanyas for some time before returning to RSS again after death of his spiritual Guru. No wonder he wasn't fit to become successor of Hedgewar. (He proved it wrong later). The only work which he did that time was translation of Marathi book Rashtra Mimansa (Nationalism) written by G.D.Savarkar, Brother of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. This book 'We, or our Nationhood defined' which was actually based on thoughts of V.D.Savarkar later became philosophy of RSS. So clearly, the concept of Hindutva was adopted by RSS only after 1949. Till then it promoted only Hindu Nationalism. 
      So whoever thinks that RSS is protecting Hindus from its inception should read some history to understand that founder of RSS was never extreme Hindutva wadi. It was Golwalkar who included Savarkar's Hindutva in RSS post death of K.B.Hedgewar. 
So good news for BJP Supporter is - This also implies that Rahul Gandhi's claim that RSS was involved in assassination of Gandhiji is baseless because during the lifetime of Hedgewar RSS never practised extreme Hindutva.


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